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Symposium on Above- and Below-Ground Biodiversity for Sustainable Ecosystems

Biodiversity loss has become a global concern as increasing evidence highlights the importance of diverse species interactions as the main drivers of the ecosystem services on which society depends. This symposium focuses on the importance of above and belowground biodiversity for ecosystem functioning, multifunctionality and sustainability. Various talks will highlight the importance of biodiversity for agro-ecosystem functioning as this symposium is linked to the Biodiversa research project “Agricultural Diversification: Digging Deeper” investigating the importance of agricultural crop diversification.

Themes covered include soil biodiversity, above-ground biodiversity, nutrient cycling, ecosystem multifunctionality, climate change, carbon sequestration and agricultural sustainability.


Agroscope, Zurich, Switzerland Reckenholz


Agroscope on behalf of the Biodiversa “Digging Deeper” project

Contact: Gina Garland 
Website: Digging Deeper

Date / Time
14.11.2019 - 15.11.2019

Language English
Costs Registration fees of 250 CHF, or 125 CHF per day (excluding dinner on Thursday)


Register by 31.07.2019 for oral presentations or by 31.08.2019 for poster presentations.

Submit your abstract directly as a word document to gina.garland@agroscope.admin.ch.

We will contact you with further information on paying the registration fee once we have received all abstracts and assembled the final program.

Deadline for registration is expired (30.10.2019 23:59)

Additional Information

For further information on the programm see the document below: